Creativity is inherent in every creation. However, until explored it is not realized. Even though in one way or the other we use creativity on daily basis, it is not always that we put our minds to it as something that can be explored deeper and developed. with creativity the sense of lack of resources melts away. My greatest strength is in the passion of achieving set targets, a passion that keeps me continually focused on the task, engaging all my time and effort, in and out of the office, until achieved. If I need to research into new areas to get a job done, I do it naturally as part of the delivery process. It is very common to see me punching my laptop keypads while waiting for a bus.
Nobody knows what you know until you demonstrate it or impart it. When in 1988, the IEEE team visited KNUST and saw my computerised traffic light work on display for their attention, they said to me, "you are ahead of the people". It has taken me 23 years down the lane to understand what they meant. I discovered the meaning when I was doing research work on Intelligent Traffic Management for Ghana during my Master in ICT studies. For this reason, I am moved to sensitizde our kids and youth early enough to take charge of their talents early enough and develop them.
I hold a first degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) (1987) and a Master of Information Communication Technology (MICT) from Aalborg University/Ghana Technology University College (2012).
I have travelled across the length and breadth of Ghana to carry out various IT services, including both hardware and software since 1988 when the handful of IT companies were concentrated in Accra. Those were the days that we had to install computers for prospective clients for them to have a feel of it and get interested. My BSc. Degree project was on the Interfacing of the single board computer to a pyranometer for solar energy data acquisition. In this research project I studied the computer architecture, interfacing techniques, and did the design and implementation of the data acquisition system. I program from as low as machine language to high level languages.
I have skills in embedded systems. I have a good understanding of programming and computer interface design and microprocessors. I am strong in computer hardware and software and networking; software engineering, application development and programming.
I was part of the team that repaired the Kumasi Sports Stadium Scoreboard in about 1988. Thanks to the confidence imposed in me by my lecturer Dr. Francis Omani (Presently at the Maritime Uneversity College) who was the one who introduced computer engineering subject in the Electrical Engineering curriculum of which I was one of the very first beneficiary batch of students. I have a high innate flare for mechanical engineering also.
I have done a lot of private study on automobile engineering. Indeed back in school I attempted switching over from Electrical/Electronic Engineering to Mechanical Engineering. My attention to practical knowledge and experimentation found me most of the time in the laboratories of the Electrical/Electronic Engineering together with the Mechanical Engineering workshops while I was in KNUST.
This practical zeal has been with me ever since. This background places me now in the field of mechatronics where knowledge of electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering and applications development have become inseparable. With this background, I offer support services for computerized automobile ECU diagnostics systems and embedded systems programming. For this purpose, I install and support DataSpecialist III Plus (DSPIII+) device for digital odometers, airbag modules, car radios, car immobilizers. I support the use of Elnec programmer among other such devices.
I have ever since 1992 worked on my cars and rendered such service to stranded users when needed. I was, at the time of my graduation from KNUST in 1987, the only student in the Department who had presented and defended two (2) academic projects instead of one (1). Both projects were inspected and received the commendation of the IEEE team that visited the University in 1988. My computerized traffic light product was exhibited at Indutech 1988. This did not see the light of reality because my effort was thwarted in 1989, and I did not have the personal resources to go it alone. Left to me alone, our transportation system should have been automated long ago. I still have that passion. I automate easily as many processes as possible as I see the need for repetition.
I am an Adjunct Faculty with the Faculty of Informatics, Ghana Technology University College. I have a very strong desire to impart knowledge and share ideas. I have 25 years experience to offer variedly in ICT:
• Self Development in IT by Research – I am very strong in research work.
• Computer installation, repairs, upgrade and maintenance.
• Customer support services – software and hardware
• Networking
• Customer tailored application development
• Accounting systems setup and support
• Onsite IT support services.
• Cyclos Developer.
• Six years in the Linux Severs and PHP/MySQL systems
• MS OFFICE SUITE, JAVA, PASCAL, C++, PHP/MYSQL, VISUAL BASIC, ASSEMBLER, MYOB ACCOUNTS, NETBEANS, ECLIPSE, WAMP, XAMP, J2ME-POLISH, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, WINDOWS, LINUX, POSTSCRIPT, PHOTOSHOP, PAGEMAKER, COREL DRAW SUITE, WEB TECHNOLOGIES, MATLAB, ETC. I have the ability of learning and using new systems at an extremely fast pace to deliver excellent products. I am very good in IT application development, developing and porting applications to cross mobile platform. I am capable of working for long hours. I am very meticulous and trustworthy.